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It Can't Be Boring, How Would Jesus Invest?, Only By The Grace of God
and Miracles of the Exchange, Intentional Blessings 
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Only by the Grace of God:
The Story of Sharon Dixon Grace Book

How Would Jesus Invest?
Breaking The Poor Man's Mentality Grace Book

  The Play, The Last Laugh (DVD)

It Can't Be Boring
Grace Book

Miracles of the Exchange,
Intentional Blessings
Grace Book



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Book Review

The Christian Choice Book Awards
Pastor Gayle Gilmore took 2nd place in the Xulon Press 2011 Christian Choice Awards in the Finance Category for her book, How Would Jesus Invest? Xulon Press is a national leading Christian and insprational book publisher.

"Congratulations Pastor Gayle, our own finance guru, for receiving this award. We are so thankful that God connected you with us and are allowing us to benefit from the gift that you are to the Body of Christ."
Evangelist Faye Dadzie, Victorious Life Ministries, Palm Coast, Florida.